Monday, December 17, 2012

Then the Christmas pictures happened

So due to procrastination on my part I never got my son's Christmas outfit until this week. Which is completely not fair seeing how I've had my daughter's since the Fall. Sometimes your just walking through Target and BAM! you gotta grab that beautiful dress for your little babe. So with all this lateness I never made an appointment to get their pictures done. I stopped sending out Christmas cards around John's 4th Christmas. Every year I just I can do without sending them out again. So this year we mixed it up and Mommy played photographer. I didn't pay an arm and leg for my camera for no reason. So as soon as John got out of school we headed across the street to our second home...the football fields. At the back there are some trees and Winter browned weeds that made a nice backdrop. In the end it was 8 minutes of cuteness and we were done.  I'm so proud of myself for how they turned out. I'm a little in love with these pictures. And my children were so good, they look beautiful! Today I printed them out and have them ready for the family over the holidays. Here's the final product. Enjoy!

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