Monday, October 21, 2013

Apple Picking

Spent the afternoon at Styer Orchard this past Sunday. We had a good time riding the tractor, picking apples, and picking out pumpkins. Only John went in the bouncy castle because Olivia was terrified. We ended the day with pizza, fries, and ice cream. It was a nice relaxing Sunday. Tonight I made apple crisp with the fresh apples we picked. Delicious! 


I normally do not write "style posts" except when my internet shopping carts are full and I want to share all the finds that are in my imaginary closet and bought with my imaginary budget. But I took this picture today and it inspired me. If I had a uniform this would be it. Tshirt-jeans-boots. And of course anything plaid/flannel.
Boots- Easy Pickins/ Jeans-AE(Similar) / Tshirt- Buy Me Brunch/Flannel-Target

Just had to throw this in because look how rad it is. I've been posting it on all my social media accounts. October FOREVER. Now go run a muck, a muck, a muck!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

100 Book Challenge: September 2013

Only three more months left in my 100 books in a year challenge. Join me next year!!

The second book in the series does not disappoint. Quickly becoming one of my favorite zombie series. Can't wait for the next book!

58. Fallen (Guardian Trilogy #1) by Laury Falter
Picked up this book on my Kindle while waiting for books that I had on hold. I ended up enjoying the book. The price is doesn't hurt either. I will definitely be getting the other books in the series.

59. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Holy crap I am in love with this book. I recommend it to everyone now. There are rumors of a movie! WHAT!?!?! Every single person I have spoken to that has read it raves about it. Let's go run away with the circus!

60. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
There is a reason there is so much hype around this book. It left me thinking about it days later. Loved it! Great for teen and adult readers. Checking out the rest of John Green's book. The next on my list is "Looking for Alaska".

A Day in Lancaster

Since John was off from school on Columbus Day we decided to head up to my parents in Lancaster, PA. We spent the day with my mom shopping, eating lunch, and stopping by a farmers market. At their house we spent time with my Dad and Nana. My parents breed German Shepherds and they had a litter of puppies that were 5 weeks old. The kids love to go in my dad's shed and just snuggle and play with the puppies. On this trip I was so tempted to bring a dog home which doesn't happen often. Just thinking of the responsibility of a dog makes me anxious. But this one day there was a little dog that stole my heart. I decided to name her Elsa. She ended up not coming home with us but I will probably never forget her. I just have to hope the home she goes to is as lovely as her. She seriously had the prettiest puppy face I have ever seen.