Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apollycon 2015

Woah! This week went by so fast! Between work, kid's school stuff, and snow days, I haven't had a chance to write about what a great experience Apollycon was. (I may have also fell into a full day worm hole of The 100 on Netflix.)  I went to Apollycon with two of my friends from work Bonnie and Alexis. We got down early and visited some of our friends that were working the bookstore since our store was providing the books. We visited Jen's table first since it was her event for launching her book "The Return". Thank God we did because she was busy the entire day. Her line ended up being so long she was still signing until after 7pm. As always she was super nice and remembers you from other events which is amazing. That woman has an awesome memory. Also pictured below is Drew who is the cover model of "The Return".

Katie McGarry is an author I was super excited to meet. Bonnie turned me onto her books and I literally couldn't put them down. She was so nice and appreciative since I told her I handsell her books at my work all the time. So excited for her new book "No Where But Here". Also SELFIE!

This is Jeaniene Frost. Mah Kween! She is probably the author I was most nervous to meet. I just feel like she is huge. She's epic! I see her name everywhere! Her books are amazing. Like I can't put them down-must finish them in a day!!! She was so lovely and she looked amazing at the after party! I didn't get photos with her later because of..nerves!!

 Here is the squad! Sarah J. Maas, Susan Dennard, and Alexandra Bracken! These three were so incredibly nice. Sarah J. Maas will be at our store in May and were all so thrilled! At the after party they were so cute dancing together! 

A new author to me, Riley Edgewood! She is THE SWEETEST! Seriously so nice. I'm excited to check out her books. We instantly just wanted to be her BFFs. Everyone we talked to raved about how awesome she is. 

Another new to me author Elizabeth Briggs, who we also fell in love with. She is so nice! Bonnie blind-bought her book and can't wait to start it. I will also be checking it out. She's located all the way over in L.A. and was so excited to see snow here in Philly. It was adorable! I hope she makes it over here again soon we would love to hang out. And the star in the middle is Cristin Terrill the author of "All our Yesterdays" one of my all time favorite books. You can't tell from this picture was I was "fan-girling" hard core which made me super awkward. I seriously probably overwhelmed her with my ridiculousness!

And finally Bonnie got in a picture! Also some new friends I met through Bonnie. Featured authors: Elizabeth Briggs, Diane Alberts, and Cora Carmack.

My SWAG Bag!!!!