Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Post

I signed up for this blog months ago. Everyday I think what is my first post going to be like? I get so many ideas right as I am about to fall asleep at night and of course have completely forgotten them in the morning. My father did always teach me to have a pen and paper by your bed, in your car, or scattered about your house for whenever you need a reminder or have an idea for something. I should be taking his advice! I think it's safe to say I can self diagnose myself with at least a mild case off ADD. Or it could just be having two kids to take care of! I follow a couple blogs myself and kept thinking, I can write (somewhat), I could be interesting, I have important things to say! The one common theme that I notice in the blogs that I love to read daily is, the women are all REAL, they post about things that are meaningful to them or that they truly want advice on. I've been looking for an outlet since becoming a stay at home mom, and I think this is it. I have a couple of friends and relatives who are already saying, I have interesting topics for you to share and I'd like to contribute. So keep your eyes open! I'll be posting about some interesting topics, from hair advice to dental advice, to learning to live greener. What I have to offer that's different from every other blog? Why, its my witty personality. No really I'm just pretty normal with a very East Coast sarcasm that I exercise daily. I am a self confessed tv and movie addict to I will probably have many posts about the shows that I follow weekly. I can't wait to read feedback and comments from you readers. Tv shows and books are probably two of my favorite topics.

My Stats:
Name: Kristin
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 29
Children: Two, John-8, Olivia 2 (in February)
Occupation: Stay at home mom, and newly an entrepreneur
Websites:31 Gifts
               Blu Pavone Boutique

 Me and my old man

 Two of the cutest kids in the world :)


  1. I'll be following :) I've already added you to my google reader!

  2. I'll be following you too! You are quite the lovely lady, extremely interesting and very funny. I look forward to your ideas coming to life via the cyber world. And if I didn't tell you before, I am the most blessed mom in the world, because you are the definition of AWESOME!!!!!