Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas in pictures

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. My kid's made out like bandits. Now the tough part figuring out where to put all the new toys. The happiness on their faces was the best. This year Olivia actually opened her own gifts and she loved each one. John got exactly what he wanted plus a few surprises. Socks mom? Really? hahahahah Hey the kid needed them! Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...

My parents with the kids

Yup I'm an only child

 The only family Christmas picture

About to go sprinkle the reindeer food out on the lawn

His favorite

Olivia and her new gogo walking and barking puppy

Her new kitchen..get cooking lady I want some dinner

Were having lots of fun putting these together!

My mom with Olivia

Opening gifts together..I love their smiles

My parents opening the new 2013 calendar we got them, full of family photos
I love this picture because of the look on all their faces, my parents look so happy.

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