Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maine: Day Five

Friday was our last day in Maine. We checked out at 11am and headed to see the lighthouse at Cape Neddick. Of course it was super foggy and raining. This is my favorite lighthouse that I have ever visited. It's so neat that it's on it's own little island. When I was younger they had a passenger bucket that they manually pulled themselves across to get to the island. Now everything is automated. Took a couple quick snapshots, little John was pretty impressed with this lighthouse too. Before we left we watched two divers get in complete wet suits with scuba gear. We waited to see where they surfaced but we grew impatient. Now we will never know what the heck these two men were doing in the ocean during a storm. On our way leaving Maine we stopped in Kittery for what ended up being the hour Starbucks run. The shopping outlets are located there and it was so crowded. The traffic was horrible. After leaving Maine we ended up doing a driving tour of Salem which meant never getting out of the car and just snapping pictures when we could. I always had this expectation that Salem would look like the movie Hocus Pocus. A quaint little New England town. It was the opposite it looked just like any other town. I know we did not get out of the car but we covered a lot of ground. Some of the older homes were interesting but other than that I was kind of disappointed. The one bonus for us was the electrical box painted like the Tardis. If you are not a Dr. Who fan you are probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about. A short description would be a time traveling ship that looks like a blue police box that you would find in London. For me and my mom it was pretty epic. Boston is about a half an hour drive from Salem so that was where we headed next. In Boston again we only did a little driving tour around Boston Common and unfortunately this time I did not take photos. But Boston I will be back for you!

Cape Neddick Lighthouse

The House of Seven Gables


Fall Fashion Finds

Getting ready for fall! It's a humid/rainy/dreary day in Philly. That calls for snacking, drinking coffee, and online window shopping. The children are all snuggled up watching tv and being quiet. WHAT?!? That rarely happens! I wanted to share some of the pieces that I will be hunting down. 




Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maine: Day Four

On our last full day in Maine we headed to Portland to see the Portland Headlight. We walked around most of the day and took pictures. Then we headed back to the motel to relax before heading out again. We had ice cream and visited the little shops in Ogunquit before it got dark. We finished our last night at Old Orchard Beach to meet up with my friend Dexter's family. We watched fireworks and rode on carnival rides. Little John had so much fun with Dexter's four daughters. They instantly clicked and had such a great time. Unfortunately while having so much fun I never even broke out my camera!
My mom and the kids at Portland Headlight.

She actually asked me to take this picture. This is a rare occasion to be celebrated!

My mom and I were trying to recreate this picture. Close enough Ma!

The ruins are now fenced off due to falling debris but it was still pretty magical.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maine: Day Three

Beach Day!!!!! We spent most of our day at Drake's Island Beach and LOVED it. The little neighborhood is so cute and is only competing in my mind of a new neighborhood to live in with the little town of Kennebunkport. Both would be my ideal place to move and never leave! The water in Maine is clear and clean!! Nice smooth sand under your toes no need to dodge little shells. John enjoyed his new favorite hobby climbing all over rocks. He made a friend named Aiden that is going into the same grade as him (3rd) that lives in Massachusetts and his father is also a plumber. The boys were inseparable all day. Later John would tell me we have to move to Massachusetts. After soaking up the sun all day we headed into Portland for dinner on a boat named Dimillo's. 

My mom and John boogie boarding. 

Olivia was only interested in sand on this vacation no water play for this lady.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Maine: Day Two, Part 2

After visiting Walker's Point we headed down the road to the church by the sea, St. Ann's. I fell in love with all the stone and exposed wood. Not to mention the detailed stained glass windows. They were all beautiful and I took way too many pictures. I would like to get married here and have a lobster bake reception. After we did a drive by of The Wedding Cake House. It's still weird to me that people live there it looks like a museum not just an ordinary house. The wood work embellishments are beautiful. The last place we stopped was the St. Francis Monastery and Shrines per my mom's request. It was tranquil and beautiful and interesting. The kids loved it there. Olivia was reluctant to leave Mary behind. She kept asking for her the whole walk back to the car.

St. Ann's Church, Kennebunkport Maine Consecrated 1892


Sitting on the ledge behind the outside alter. Imagine this as your view during Sunday Mass.

The most photographed house in Maine, The Wedding Cake House

St. Francis Monastery and Shrines

 Stations of the cross