Sunday, September 1, 2013

Guest Post: Sarah's Fall Fashion Finds

I'm excited to write about something that I absolutely LOVE! CLOTHES!!! I have mini panic attacks when I go into a store and I see a million different articles of clothing that I MUST have! Ask Kristin she has witnessed this excitement... 

So I'm sure you know who I am by now I'm Kristin's very best friend/ hairstylist ; Sarah. 
Kristin and I have known each other since the 4th grade. We met on Ramblers field where we played softball and a few years later again at Calvary Christian Academy. I can still remember the day when I saw her waiting in the lobby. It's history from there! I got a sister for life and eternity which is pretty cool! 

Anyway, enough about that let's get back CLOTHES! I'm a person that has no self control when it comes to something that I want like a dress or a top or a bag. I need that instant gratification and I know if I don't get it then it will be in my dreams that night. Crazy I know! I own well over 100 dresses. I love my pretty dresses! I wear a dress winter, spring, summer and fall. They're always cute and super flattering. People always say you're always so dressed up...but a dress can be worn so many ways. I especially love to wear a dress with leggings and boots! It's casual and cute! 

I've always been a plus sized woman, I remember my mom taking me Sears as a little kid because they had the pretty plus section there... How freakin embarrassing! I've now embraced my figure and I'm a very confident person. It took a little while but trust me I've embraced it whole heartedly. I had no choice it's the body God gave me. I've worked very hard at loosing weight and its now payed off. I'm now down 36lbs and I feel fantastic! I lost weight but not my curves and I'm so happy about that! 

People ask me where I find my clothes and they are always surprised from my answers. Forever 21 has a great trendy plus sized selection. I get the best leggings, dresses and tops there! Another favorite is Torrid. It's always fun shopping there because I can always find a pair of jeans that hug my curves perfectly. I also love Macy's American Rag line and if your looking for the perfect going out outfit Fashion to Figure at Cherry Hill Mall has really fun stuff! 

I'm very much looking forward to the Fall and breaking out my boots especially my new cowboy boots my hubby bought me for my 30th birthday!  I picked out some Fall fashion finds that I will most definitely be purchasing! Take a look! 

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