Friday, December 28, 2012

So the show Nashville.....

I'm a huge fan on Connie Britton since she was on Season 1 of American Horror Story. So when I saw the over abundance of previews on ABC for Nashville I knew I was going to give it a shot. Hayden Panettiere I liked on Heroes but not in much else. I have to say she plays a good villain. But the breakout star for me is Clare Bowen. Her look..her VOICE..her acting skills... I can't take it! She's amazing. I am guilty of re-listening to "If I didn't know better" over and over again in a night. The whole show soundtrack is great. Who knew Connie and Hayden had such great voices. And Sam Palladio is excellent eye candy and his voice!!!! Amazing! I love the new commercials with him speaking in his British accent! Die! The story line ain't shabby either. I'm really looking forward to when this starts up again. Thoughts on Hayden's character?

Even if you have never watched the show at least take a look and listen to this song... you will enjoy it!

I'll be doing another tv related post since all my shows had their mid-season finales. Anyone? The Walking dead? Ah that last episode. Kill me now! What is going to happen to Daryl!?!?

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