Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Guest Post: Love the hair you wear

Hi there!  My name is Becca Truitte.  Kristin very generously asked me to write a little something for her amazing blog about my hair and some products that I have used that I have found helpful for my big, beautiful hair! Keyword being big!
First, a little bit about myself. I am a proud mom of two boys. I also have been married for 9 years to my husband Jason, who has seen me through a lot of different hairstyles and wakes up to my crazy hair every morning and still tells me I am beautiful!  I would call my style easy-going causal/ post-apocalyptic bohemian.  You can make up in your mind whatever that means to you. (I made it up!)  I don’t spend too much time on hair and make-up, but I certainly use to! As I get older (31) I prefer to let my natural beauty shine through in my everyday look, but I would say I do clean up well for the special occasion or night out! So here is the story of my hair.  I hope it is useful, somewhat entertaining, and that maybe you will find these products can work with your hair.  But remember your hair is yours and mine is mine, so love the hair you wear!
The story of my hair has been a frustrating one; it was a love –hate relationship until my late 20’s.  My hair itself is fine, but I have a lot of it, making it appear and act like thick hair, almost as if it were a horse’s mane.  It is also very wavy, almost curly, but without the ringlets. So as a child my hair looked like a lion’s mane.  A hybrid, mythical creature of a lion and horse sounds kickass but there is no place in this world for that on a little girl’s head!  My mother had three other daughters to groom before sending all of us off to school in the morning.  So after many years of screams and tears, and of trying to manage my long wild hair, I got a boy’s haircut. Think of the Little Dutch Boy.  Not cute! It stayed this way throughout childhood and there were many times I was mistaken for a boy.  After a while I just stopped correcting people because it was just too embarrassing.
It was in my teen years I started to grow my hair long again, but really had no idea what to do with it, because my hair had been short my entire life. Frizz, fro and fiasco!  I met a sweet girl in eighth grade who taught me how to scrunch my hair: Sarah Kovitch- Brophy, who now is an amazing Hair Dresser and owner of Hair, Etc.  Through that friendship I met the lovely writer of this blog- enter Kristin!  Kristin taught me the magic of the straightening iron, and shared her Frizz Ease secrets with me! I spent many school nights sleeping over Kristin’s house, sharing AOL and a flat iron. I recall vividly running from her house into her car with hoods on our heads and then again into school so the humidity would not damage all our tremendous efforts of straightening. Our hair routine resumed again in first period History, where we would take turns preening one another  to make sure no waves were to be found.  You could say we looked out for one another’s hair! We were hair sisters!

 I have to say that these two ladies were most influential in the way I began to treat and train my hair.  I actually started to feel pretty and confident under their follicle tutelage!
Still throughout my life my hair and I have had ups and down. It was at some point after chopping my hair off for the seventh time or so that I realized my hair was never going to change or do something someone else’s hair did.  By my late 20’s I had to learn to love my hair, just as it was, and just as it was not. Not looking to others’ hair wishing I had their type or wanting my hair to be something that it has never been.   “Baby I was born this way!”  It has always been a bit crazy and bigger than life, and once I got that through my pretty little strands of hairs on my head, short, long, or in that awkward middle,  I began to love the hair I wear!

My Products-
The Curly Wavy Hair Routine- “Sarah Jessica Parker- Sexy in the City” Hair:
  • Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner

My saving grace in the fight against frizz and dry hair! Very reasonably priced (average price around $5. Per bottle)and can be found at practically any store!
  • Fructis Sleek and Shine  Intensely Smooth 

This is my favorite leave in conditioner as it can be used for a curly or blown out look. Apply after shower into wet hair and throw up in a towel.  On sale you can grab this one as low as $2.99, but can range up to $5.
  • Fructis Sleek and Shine -Moroccan Oil Treatment   

For a curly or straight look I apply when hair is damp and start the air drying process. This product ranges anywhere from $5-$7, depending on sales and where you shop.

  • It’s a 10 -Miracle Styling Serum 

You can also apply this gem of a product for curly or blown out look. This will run you a bit more money ( online you can get this baby for around $14.99 plus S&H, but at local retailers it’s around $25) I know it sounds like a lot, but a bottle last me for about 6 months and it’s an awesome product. Also, hair salons and ULTA sells them in bundled packages, and you can get other “It’s a 10” products, which I highly endorse for when I blow out my hair!
  • Marc Anthony Strictly Curls –Curl Envy Crème

This crème comes out looking and feeling more like a gel, but it’s not.  It will not make your hair sticky or crunchy.  It really is what makes my hair the curliest!  It is reasonably priced and you can find it at most drug stores, but have never seen it at a Target or Wal-Mart.  Average price for this product is around $8.
  • For a curly look I let my hair air dry- and if it is every getting too “fro-yo” I always can reactivate my curls by rewetting my hair a bit with either a spray bottle or just at the sink (but don’t drench your hair) and scrunch a bit.
For going out on the town with curls- I add two more steps.
  • Fructis Power Putty -Surfer Hair  

While air drying, but not completely dry- to give hair some added volume and definition I use this product.  It allows my hair just enough definition with the right amount bounce and movement, without my hair being sticky or having an all day wet look. This is another great product to be on the lookout for when it goes on sale prices range$4-$6.
  • And lastly finish with your favorite hair spray- I don’t have a preference – Just not an extra hold!  Be careful with the hairspray, you want your hair to look bouncy and movable- not weighed down or wet looking! 

And a good tip to always remember, if your hair gets a little unmanageable during the day or you look a bit like “Little Orphan Annie”, you can always  reactivate those curls with a spritz of water and a loving scrunch or two!

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