Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{3 Things} Tv Shows

One of the very first blogs I ever followed was Little Miss Momma. She is starting a new series of posts on her blog and I decided to join in and have some fun.

                   A new series: A simple list of three things — a different theme — every week, just for fun.

1. Pretty Little Liars
2. Ravenswood
3. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

It's out! Yes I am still watching Honey Boo Boo! I guess I can't get enough of Mama June's forklift foot! 

Feel free to play along leave your list or link in the comments. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

100 Book Challenge: October 2013

Oh you know..only 30 more books to read to reach my goal of 100 by December 31st. This is only the busiest time of year.....eh there's always next year :)

61. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
This is the third book that I have read by Gillian Flynn and her crazy characters do not disappoint. I would love to write a full review of just how crazy they all are but it would be spoiler city. So I will just say that you should pick up all three of her books and read them. Her story telling is phenomenal. When you read you feel like you are watching a thriller movie in your head.
62. One Bite With a Stranger (The Others #1) by Christine Warren
I got sucked into the vortex that is paranormal romance books. This series has fifteen! books. I saw one sitting on the shelf at the library and thought "what the heck I'll try a couple out".  They are like alot of others romance novels...steamy scenes..etc. But I will read anything with a vampire, witch, or shapeshifter in it. This first book has a vampire in it. Pick it up for a steamy easy read.

63. Big Bad Wolf (The Others #2) by Christine Warren
I enjoyed this book because it involved werewolves. Obviously I have a thing for anything wolf. I liked reading about the interpersonal relationships between the werewolves and their traditions. Again another easy read.

64. Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth
OH MY GOSH I waited for this book for so long. FINALLY! The conclusion to the Divergent series (soon to hit movie theaters! YAY!!!) Veronica Roth DOES NOT disappoint. Another beautifully written book. You will see some bad reviews online. Remember this is a "teen series" unless everything ends perfectly the teens are not happy and will go nuts online. If you have managed to avoid the spoilers please pick up this series. It is amazing. I recommend to everyone!

65. Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here (The Others #3) by Christine Warren
This was a different read for me mainly focusing on Fae and Faerie. There is one steamy scene that is just too cheesy for me. Again worth reading if your looking for a simple read. But there is a corny factor.

66. Black Magic Woman (The Others #4) by Christine Warren
This one I enjoyed because it had voodoo in it. And I like the idea of a Guardian. Read it you'll figure out what I'm talking about.

67. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale ( The Others #5) by Christine Warren
I like the main character Corinne in this book. She's a reporter that has a sense of humor and she's tough.

68. On the Prowl (The Others #6) by Christine Warren
Starting out this book I wasn't sure how I was going to like it. I couldn't figure it out right away. But it is about two shifters (were-tigers) in an arranged marriage. I ended up loving it.

69. Drive Me Wild (The Others #7) by Christine Warren
Finally I have been waiting for a book about the leader of the Council of Others- Rafe. He's a were-jaguar and there is a witch in this one. If you have ended up reading this series you've been curios about him.

70. Hungry Like a Wolf (The Others #8) by Christine Warren
Again werewolves! This one involves Logan that beta werewolf you've been wanting to get to know from the second novel (Big Bad Wolf). The female character, the alpha Honor Tate, is pretty damn tough so I liked her. The only thing I didn't like about this book was the ending. It was actually kind of annoying and again I use the word "corny".