Friday, August 16, 2013

Maine: Day Two, Part 2

After visiting Walker's Point we headed down the road to the church by the sea, St. Ann's. I fell in love with all the stone and exposed wood. Not to mention the detailed stained glass windows. They were all beautiful and I took way too many pictures. I would like to get married here and have a lobster bake reception. After we did a drive by of The Wedding Cake House. It's still weird to me that people live there it looks like a museum not just an ordinary house. The wood work embellishments are beautiful. The last place we stopped was the St. Francis Monastery and Shrines per my mom's request. It was tranquil and beautiful and interesting. The kids loved it there. Olivia was reluctant to leave Mary behind. She kept asking for her the whole walk back to the car.

St. Ann's Church, Kennebunkport Maine Consecrated 1892


Sitting on the ledge behind the outside alter. Imagine this as your view during Sunday Mass.

The most photographed house in Maine, The Wedding Cake House

St. Francis Monastery and Shrines

 Stations of the cross

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