Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maine: Day Three

Beach Day!!!!! We spent most of our day at Drake's Island Beach and LOVED it. The little neighborhood is so cute and is only competing in my mind of a new neighborhood to live in with the little town of Kennebunkport. Both would be my ideal place to move and never leave! The water in Maine is clear and clean!! Nice smooth sand under your toes no need to dodge little shells. John enjoyed his new favorite hobby climbing all over rocks. He made a friend named Aiden that is going into the same grade as him (3rd) that lives in Massachusetts and his father is also a plumber. The boys were inseparable all day. Later John would tell me we have to move to Massachusetts. After soaking up the sun all day we headed into Portland for dinner on a boat named Dimillo's. 

My mom and John boogie boarding. 

Olivia was only interested in sand on this vacation no water play for this lady.

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