Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maine: Day Five

Friday was our last day in Maine. We checked out at 11am and headed to see the lighthouse at Cape Neddick. Of course it was super foggy and raining. This is my favorite lighthouse that I have ever visited. It's so neat that it's on it's own little island. When I was younger they had a passenger bucket that they manually pulled themselves across to get to the island. Now everything is automated. Took a couple quick snapshots, little John was pretty impressed with this lighthouse too. Before we left we watched two divers get in complete wet suits with scuba gear. We waited to see where they surfaced but we grew impatient. Now we will never know what the heck these two men were doing in the ocean during a storm. On our way leaving Maine we stopped in Kittery for what ended up being the hour Starbucks run. The shopping outlets are located there and it was so crowded. The traffic was horrible. After leaving Maine we ended up doing a driving tour of Salem which meant never getting out of the car and just snapping pictures when we could. I always had this expectation that Salem would look like the movie Hocus Pocus. A quaint little New England town. It was the opposite it looked just like any other town. I know we did not get out of the car but we covered a lot of ground. Some of the older homes were interesting but other than that I was kind of disappointed. The one bonus for us was the electrical box painted like the Tardis. If you are not a Dr. Who fan you are probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about. A short description would be a time traveling ship that looks like a blue police box that you would find in London. For me and my mom it was pretty epic. Boston is about a half an hour drive from Salem so that was where we headed next. In Boston again we only did a little driving tour around Boston Common and unfortunately this time I did not take photos. But Boston I will be back for you!

Cape Neddick Lighthouse

The House of Seven Gables


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