Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thoughts on writing

So I was inspired last month. A friend that I met through our mutual love of The Mortal Instruments (you know that awesome Young Adult book series) started writing a sci-fi/fantasy book of his own. He asked me to be an alpha reader (a person who reads the book while your in the process of writing it). It has been a journey, five chapters in and he is so creative. I'm learning a lot of how to be constructive with my critiquing it's hard when you love the style and writing of a book.

In the past couple of years I have gone back and forth with the idea of writing a book. In high school school and college I was a lackluster student in the English department. I just kind of coasted through my high school classes and in college I didn't know what my voice was. I ended up taking an actual "paragraph class" in college that is how bad I was lost. I think that is why as an adult I have always been scared to even try to start the process. I tried keeping a journal once a few years back and was too uncomfortable writing my thoughts down. Isn't that bizarre? I don't get it either. When I started this blog I was only a little hesitant and not nearly as scared when publishing my first few posts. Again this makes no sense to me. This should terrify me more shouldn't it?

This month I started the first chapter in my book. I've redone it about three times already and am too terrified to let anyone read it yet. I keep telling myself "it's not done. it's ok. no biggie that your not ready yet!" I'm sure I'm going to keep telling myself that. I will try to overcome that hurdle. I just keeping re reading the pages and saying it's not good enough. I keep feeling like my main character just sounds like me and doesn't have a voice of her own.

I'll let you guys know how I'm doing with it soon. Maybe I'll post the first chapter on here and just get it over with! I don't know.

Check back soon! I have some new projects going on and will have guest writers on here, some tutorials, and a giveaway!!! Yay my first one!

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