Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sharing: The Battle We Didn't Choose

I stumbled upon this photo essay from a tumblr that I follow My Wife's Fight with Breast Cancer Needless to say I didn't make it to the last photo without tears in my eyes. There are certain things in your life that you see that just stick with you. Even though you've never had the experience of meeting these people you feel a deep connection. Like almost everyone else in the world one of my biggest fears is illness. No matter your faith the feeling of having no control over your own body has to be devastating. Not only because of the loss of this woman's life the tears flowed more because of the love you could feel from these photos. This man truly loved this woman. A deeper love even more because of this illness. To love every aspect of her and knowing she would only be here a short time. I found her page on Facebook. The photo of her with her father killed me. Losing his baby no matter her age. I cannot even fathom having to watch my child suffer in this way. Some days we take for granted others we dwell on the small things. We all have a very crappy day here and there. On those days I try to remember how much worse they could be. To be glad that I'm not dealing with such a hardship. For the most part my family and friends are healthy. Their families are growing their lives are just starting to blossom. I remind myself to pray. I pray that when my life takes a turn this way and that, that instead of getting mad at God that I will understand my course. I pray for strength most of all. To be able to handle the changes and hardships with grace. To be an example for my children, to be strong but make sure that it is evident that I am not doing this myself, that God carries you. The lesson I've had the hardest time learning is to let go of control. This saying always comes to my mind "Let go, and let God". Yes I think that is the hardest lesson of all.

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