Friday, April 26, 2013

Donuts and Playgrounds

Today it is beautiful outside! John is off of school today and I woke up this morning after sleeping in until 7:45 Yeeyah! While making breakfast for Olivia I thought....dishes?!?  I don't need no stinking dishes..the next thought way I can do that tomorrow. So we got ready and headed out for some good ol' Dunkin Donuts.... My home away from home. Seriously why don't I have stock in that company?!? Then I surprised the kids by going to the newly redone playground in our neighborhood. We ran into some friends and we all had a good time. It's nice to get a couple minutes of mom on mom conversation while the bigger kids chase the younger ones around and help them on the playground. Looking forward to many more nice spring days in the forecast. Today Philly we kinda love you!

"Mom donuts are awesome! (Note that John does not have a donut, he inhaled it before I could get a picture)

John don't you want to go over and play with the bigger guys over there? No Mom I just want to hang with my little sister and push her on the swing.

Sometimes he is extremely kind and good with Olivia, it makes up for the rest of the time when he is acting bratty towards her. I love her face in this picture she was terrified but laughing by the time they got to the bottom.

Everything he can do I can do better. That's what was going through my head when she was trying to act like John. Haha :)

Look Mom I'm at the top, and NO HANDS!!! Meanwhile my heart is in my throat.

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