Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekend Days

Last Saturday it was a beautiful day out. The kids and I were on our own hanging around the house and they were driving me CRAZY. I was beyond frustrated, couldn't take the noise level and the constant fighting. I was over it. I was about to be scary mommy. "THAT'S IT!" I pretty much screamed. I grabbed my bag, the camera, some bottles of water, and we were out the door. They kept asking "Where are we going?" my response "Silence, you'll see when we get there!" We have this great park with a walking trail and some beautiful trees and open fields right by our house that we don't utilize enough. I parked and told them to start marching. Were walking the trail. The WHOLE trail. My goal was to tire them out enough so that when we got home I could relax hopefully in peace. I don't know maybe get one thing done without hearing them bicker! I love this stage (age) with the kids I really do but sometimes I get to my breaking point. By the end of this adventure they were a little easier  to handle and we enjoyed a quiet night at the house. They showered and bathed and I took some time to blow dry Liv's hair which is a nice quiet, relaxing, bonding time for both of us.

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