Thursday, June 4, 2015

Farmer's Market

Of course the opening day at the Farmer's Market we buy sweets! But we couldn't resist trying some goodies from Joanne's Candy (the inside out s'mores were delicious) and undrgrnd donuts truck.

From left to right: Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl, The Homer (Vanilla dunk, raw sugar, chocolate with bacon), Captain Kranky (Strawberry with Captain Crunch), Camping Out (S'mores Donut), Chocolate and Strawberry Dunk, Caramel Apple

The kids were so excited for the fresh donuts! 

We bought some farm fresh eggs and they were delicious! 

Here is what our second farmer's market trip looked like.

A sea sponge for my mom since she had been looking for one. This bar of soap Liv really wanted but turns out completely dries her out. Fresh asparagus and a new cilantro plant from a farm in NJ since ours died while we were away on a long weekend down the shore. And this delicious yet very spicy Chipotle Black Bean hummus from Lancaster Hummus Co.

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