Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Time

After a very stressful December and working around the clock like a mad woman Christmas kind of went off without a hitch. It was relaxed, the kids were happy, and I was much more calm. I wanted to try to fit in a nice Christmas-y picture of the kids like I did here, but time got away from me and with the stressfulness of the month when I was home all I wanted to do was veg. I'm glad I got the ones I did. John's shirt was a last minute purchase but I thought he looked so handsome in it. Bonus!  Hot Topic had a perfect burgundy bow tie to match his shirt because ya know, Bow Ties are Cool! Olivia's dress is one of my favorite outfits to see her in. Awesome purchase from Zulily. She even picked it out! These pictures are a result of rushing the kids out front on a VERY windy Christmas here in Philly, and throwing my tree skirt (aka a table cloth) over the back of our pickup truck aptly named "Tiny" (points to my Mama for that name) Our New Year's Eve was also VERY low key. Spent in comfy clothes and not removing my butt from my couch. It was great. I also finished my last book of 2014, the final book in the Shadow Falls Series by C.C. Hunter. Bringing my grand total of 71 books read in 2014!!

Picking out our Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning
Enjoying his new chair

Taking a ride in Madison's new ride

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