Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Making Iced Coffee

My process of making iced coffee taken from the Pioneer Woman's Recipe.
I usually also use Cafe Bustelo (in decaf of course) but this time I used Pilon. So far I am enjoying Pilon more. But they are very similar. 

What you need: water, two containers, and a can of espresso. 

 Fill container with water and stir in can of espresso.

Let it sit overnight.

This is how I filter the coffee. Whatever I had on hand. A colander and left over coffee filters from an old coffee maker. I ladle batches in and then replace the filter. This takes some time. I do my normal daily routine in between ladling in more coffee.

Just starting out...

The finished product. Some sugar and cream with a little ice to top it off.

Next batch I make I think I'm going to put some vanilla bean in and let it sit over night. 

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