Friday, May 31, 2013

What I'm watching

It's no secret. I am a TV addict! I LOVE my shows! Like my father before me I love my tv time. I genuinely enjoy a good story. Exactly why I am a reading addict! I love to watch a show or movie for the FIRST time. There is nothing like that. Not knowing what is going to happen! Just like a good book. The first time reading is ALWAYS the best. Anyway...with the fall shows all being complete for the season and the summer shows just starting I've had the chance to look into some new shows. And the BBC is killin' it like usual!!! Have you seen "Copper"? or "Orphan Black"? These two shows are worth atleast watching the first episodes I promise you, you will binge and want to watch every episode available on demand.

"Orphan Black" on BBC America- One actress playing multiple roles! Love it. If you like sci-fi and conspiracy with a little humor mixed in this is the show for you. It reaches that deep piece of my heart that was stolen by "Alias" years ago. Sigh.."Alias" besides "Lost" it is a show I will always miss the most. Anyway back to Orphan Black...again conspiracies and suspense. Oh did I mention clones? You were probably wondering why one actress was playing multiple roles didn't you. Don't worry I didn't give you spoilers you get that info pretty quickly on the show. Tatiana Maslany plays Sarah the main character and also all the other clones. She does an amazing job being all these other characters. I love them all but Allison, the soccer mom, cracks me up.

"Copper" on BBC America - The styling on this show is amazing. Very "Gangs of New York"- esq. It takes place in 1865 New York City. The main character is exactly what the title says a "Copper"... he's tough and has a tragic backstory. By the end of the first episode you kinda love him. He's easy on the eyes also. I love any good cop show!

Which leads me to my next show I'm excited for "Rookie Blue" on ABC. I know it's a cheese fest sometimes but I have a soft spot for Andy and Swarek. Two episodes in and there is already a lot of drama! Most of you will recognize Andy (Real name Missy Peregrym) from her performance on the movie "Stick It"..oh wait I am probably the only person who remembers that movie. And I am also probably the only person that made the connection between the characters Dov and Gail Peck.....they both starred in the movie "Harriet the Spy". Again one of the movies I have a special place for. I wanted to be Harriet so bad. I even had the spy notebook and lurked in my neighbors windows. Creepy I know. Being 13 is fun. Haha Sorry I just took you on a tangent.

"Game of Thrones" on HBO is ending soon, but it has been an amazing season. I would love to have another daughter just to name her Daenerys. If your not familiar with the show the name is pronounced "Da-nare-es". She is so bad ass this season, the mother of dragons. Arya is another of my favorite characters I cannot wait to see her have her revenge. Also I would love to see Joffrey killed jeez he is annoying! Jon Snow is a handsome fella if you like eye candy on your shows, his story line is also great right now. If you have never watched this show you are missing out. It is wonderfully put together.

This is the longest post ever so I will conclude with saying.. Watch "True Blood" on HBO, "Dexter" on SHOtime, and "The Killing" on AMC this summer!

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