Thursday, February 28, 2013


So this little tidbit seems to hitting instagram and the blogosphere pretty hard so I figured I would join in. Five random facts about moi!

1// I love to window shop online. At any given time I have at least three websites with items in the basket. But I end up never committing and checking out.

2// I cannot peel and cut potatoes! My hands break out in rashes and turn bright red and burn. Just started in the last year. Weird! Time to purchase some kitchen gloves! Dollar store here I come!

3// At my local Philadelphia branch of the free library the librarians know me by name. By name I mean my last name. Since they are constantly putting books on the hold shelf for me. Besides being an avid tv and movie watcher my absolute favorite thing to do is read a new book. I'm always looking for new series to start..any suggestions?

4// I never take a picture without smiling. I feel like the most un-photogenic person ever.

5// I have horrible anxiety. I know other people have much worse cases but seriously some of the things that go in my noggin you would think I was ca-razy! The anxiety doesn't keep me from doing things but my mind is constantly going while preparing for things and especially the night before something. If I have something really special planned in the near future I constantly think something is going to go wrong. Being a Christian makes this even worse because than the guilt kicks in. My coping mechanism is usually a quick prayer saying "Lord please just take the thoughts away and sorry for being horrible again." A strange prayer yes, but He gets me.

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