Friday, February 15, 2013

Bathing Suits...blerg

How can it be that time again? Every store..the Victoria Secret catalogs..bathing suit season already?!? I can't take it... as I sit here browsing the internet we are forecasted to get snow here in Philly tomorrow and I'm looking at bathing suits. Welp.. atleast I have a couple more weeks to get beach ready? Yea right! After years of searching every summer for a perfectly fitting bathing suit I still haven't found one. I have horrible posture and an achy neck all the time.. tying a bathing suit around my neck is killer! I'm working on the walking straighter but who knows. This week I've been looking a lot on and surprisingly they have reasonably priced bathing suits. And they are built like a bra with straps over the shoulders. Heaven I tell you! And the prints are very cute and even the one pieces seem appealing to me. I'm putting a lot of hope into these suits hopefully they won't disappoint. And free shipping and returns! I'm convinced! I'm gonna give them a try. Click through the pictures for links!

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