Friday, April 17, 2015

What I've been buying lately….

1. I wore this dress for Easter. It was so comfortable and the pattern is something different to me.
2. I bought this dress in the coral, gray, and black. Super comfortable. I went up a size since I was ordering online, I probably could have used a smaller size but after washing I'll see how it is. This is so easy to just throw on and run out the door. I've been pairing with chucks and my jean jacket. I really need to invest in a statement necklace to go with these.
3. Last year I bought this dress in a black pattern and I loved it. I'm usually not a fan of strapless but this dress fits well. I've been loving the dip-dyed look.

1. On a shopping trip with my mom I bought these three. I love the pattern of this skirt.
2. I wanted to start getting some more intricate tank tops instead of the usual plain cotton..this is a good compromise of dressing up or down.
3. I don't think I would have had the balls to buy this hat if I wasn't at the store with my mom. She loves hats. I always wanted to be a hat person but never quite got there. Of course John had several snarky comments. His verdict: Please don't wear that to the mall (as I'm getting ready to go meet a friend and shop), its a beach hat. 

Opi's You're such a Budapest! I'm a sucker for purple nail polish! 
*Photo credit: Of Life and Lacquer 
Available from Ulta 

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