Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Snippets

A little spring update to what has been going on around here. I needed the night to relax (so I blogged) after a hard day. Our truck broke down today 45 minutes away from home. I had Olivia and the bff Sarah (35 weeks preggo) in tow. There were some tears (from me) and aggravation but it worked out. We found a little lunch spot and at least were able to eat while waiting to be rescued. No update on the truck yet :(


I'm obviously feeling "blue" this spring. Freshening up our front door. (Rugs available at Target each $12.99 and there was a discount with the Cartwheel app for the second one pictured). I threw that wreath together in a couple of minutes. Polka dot burlap was a find at Walmart ($3.97 it was near the party /decor aisle at my store). All that is underneath is a wrapped straw wreath form. There were some really cute patterned burlap options. The next purchase will be the coral chevron print! The little felt flowers were found at Target on a clearance end cap for $.50 for all 4. 

Sarah's Baby Shower

                  Olivia's First Haircut                       Once Upon a Time Event with Elsa (my girl Jenny)

Fun walks with Daddy

.....and BUBBLES! all the time BUBBLES! Her new favorite activity!

Those curls! 

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