Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Day in Lancaster

Since John was off from school on Columbus Day we decided to head up to my parents in Lancaster, PA. We spent the day with my mom shopping, eating lunch, and stopping by a farmers market. At their house we spent time with my Dad and Nana. My parents breed German Shepherds and they had a litter of puppies that were 5 weeks old. The kids love to go in my dad's shed and just snuggle and play with the puppies. On this trip I was so tempted to bring a dog home which doesn't happen often. Just thinking of the responsibility of a dog makes me anxious. But this one day there was a little dog that stole my heart. I decided to name her Elsa. She ended up not coming home with us but I will probably never forget her. I just have to hope the home she goes to is as lovely as her. She seriously had the prettiest puppy face I have ever seen.

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